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Outsourced Solutions

Established in 1999, Outsourced Solutions is part of the Mailing Services Group. Today we manage 70 citizen staff members in our Gaborone facility and are the sole specialists focused on the provision of comprehensive communication channels and security solutions from our outsourced facilities in Botswana. Outsourced Solutions use’s the most up to date technologies and best industry practices to deliver a world standard service to the region. Our Services include: Bulk Laser Printing Services, Bulk Mailing Services, Security Shredding Services, Stationery, Bulk Scanning Facility, Document Management Systems, Electronic Mail Distribution

contact details

  •   Address: Plot 20580, Broadhurst, Industrial, Botswana
  •   Telephone: +2673931651   +26772239020  
  •  Email: lyle@msg.co.bw  
  •   Web: www.msg.co.bw  


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