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Ministry of Gender, Youth, Sports and Recreation

The Ministry is made up of four departments namely; the Department of Gender, the Department of Youth, the Department of Sport and the Department of Recreation. In striving to create an active and winning nation, the MGYSR not only indicates the core focus of current endeavors, but also expresses firm commitment to keep on doing whatever it takes to have a significant and positive impact on the entire nation of Lesotho.

contact details

  •   Address: 3rd Floor, Postal Services Building, Phase 1, Kingsway Road and Corner Palace Road, Lesotho
  •   Telephone: +26622326463   +26658773766  
  •   Fax: +26622321083  
  •  Email: seokajoetsane@gmail.com  
  •   Web: www.gender.gov.ls  


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