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Runic Versus Caterers t/a The Wild Lodges

The Wild Lodges is a Botswana owned company dedicated to provide its customers with a unique African experience rooted in African traditions, driven by the co-existence of man and the environment. Our commitment to preserving the environment is unparalleled. With eco-friendly lodges and Campsites, our intent is to share the Botswana wild experience with the world while at the same time ensuring that it remains in its natural state for the enjoyment of future generations. We are therefore involved in leading the vital efforts to make travel and tourism more suitable.

contact details

  •   Address: Sekao Eard Sekao Ward, Sekao Ward, 2547, Botswana
  •   Telephone: +267 680 0653  
  •  Email: generalmanager@thewildlodges.co.bw  
  •   Web: www.thewildlodges.com  


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