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Endumeni Local Municipality

It is the eNdumeni Local Municipality’s great mandate to continue to drive the implementation of government’s transformation and service delivery programs.In ensuring that Endumeni economy is enormously growing; we have initiated the Endumeni Economic Partnership with external stakeholders with entrusted interest in growing and developing our economy. With that said, our Integrated Development Plan (IDP) is greatly utilised as one essential tool that strive to majorly close the gap of unemployment especially to the youth, decrease mounting poverty levels and providing food security to our local citizens. This Council will therefore continue to improve people’s lives through fast tracking service delivery, economic growth, job creation, social and rural development in our town. It is no doubt that the role of community participation into the affairs of the municipality has a positive impa

contact details

  •   Address: 64 Victoria Street, Dundee, South Africa
  •   Telephone: +27342122121  
  •   Fax: 0342123856  
  •  Email: pamm@endumeni.gov.za  
  •   Web: www.endumeni.gov.za  


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