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We Buy or recycle 1000 litre flow bin tanks (1000l IBC container drum, 1000lt industrial water tanks, chemical tanks, 1000lt commercial drums) We collect weekly, 2 weekly or monthly. We cater for all businesses big or small. We operate in all of Gauteng, North West, Mpumalanga and surrounding areas. We also have a variety of new, used or reconditioned adapters, caps, valves, fittings, fixtures and spare parts to fit all flow bins.

contact details

  •   Address: 508 Transnet Avenue, Eloff Estate 320-jr, Pretoria, South Africa
  •   Telephone: +27 12 770 4360  
  •  Email: info@flowbins.co.za  
  •   Web: www.flowbins.co.za  


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