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South African Institute of Electrical Engineering

The South African Institute of Electrical Engineers (SAIEE), formed in 1909, has grown to more than 7000 members. Members are professionally engaged in the full range of engineering activities, including Academic Research, Manufacturing, Electronics, Telecommunications, Measurement and Control, Mining and Power Services. A SAIEE Member makes meaningful contributions to the quality of life in communities and to the steady advancement of technology. Their efforts are acknowledged and world-renowned. The SAIEE contributes to the common interests and welfare of the whole engineering fraternity through close co-operation with the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA).

contact details

  •   Address: 18a Gill Street, Observatory, Johannesburg, South Africa
  •   Telephone: +27 11 487 3003  
  •  Email: minx@saiee.co.za  
  •   Web: www.saiee.org.za  


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