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Asibemunye Painting and Construction

Asibemunye Construction (PTY) Ltd is a company established in 2000 by two former RSSC employees. These two employees are directors and share holders of the company, established to provide services outsourced by RSSC. Asibemunye constructions is among the reliable service providers of RSSC. Bonsile Irene Mtsetfwa and Clement Vilakati are the directors and share holders of Asibemunye Painting and Construction.

contact details

  •   Address: Office B 1069 , Simunye Mvundla Road , Simunye , Eswatini
  •   Telephone: +268 233 8358  
  •   Fax: +268 23 83 8358  
  •   Mobile: +268 78302486  
  •  Email: asibemunyeconstruction@yahoo.com  


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